Adams Flea And Tick Collar For Dogs


  • Provides 7-month protection against fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, and ticks
  • Fast acting treatment and prevention in one step
  • Keeps working even when wet
  • Adjustable one size fits all

Flea Tick Mosquito Collar – Product Description

The Adams Flea and Tick Control Collar for Dogs kills adult fleas, ticks, flea eggs and flea larvae for up to 7 months. It prevents infestation by breaking the flea life cycle. The active ingredients work their way to the surface of the collar and is rubbed onto the fur of the animal. The active ingredients move through the oils and from hair to hair to cover the entire body and works even when wet. This collar can be fitted for all dogs with necks up to 26″.

Adams Flea & Tick Control Collar
Adams Flea & Tick Control Collar for Large/Small Dogs starts killing fleas, ticks, flea eggs, as well as flea larvae right away, supplying fast-acting treatment and avoidance in one action. The active components work their method to the surface area of the collar and are rubbed onto the hair of the pet dog. The active components relocate with the oils and also from hair to hair to cover the whole body. For constant flea and tick security, change the collar every 7 months. This collar gives on-the-go flea and tick control 24/7 as well as will remain to work also when damp.

Product Conveniences
Kills fleas as well as ticks on get in touch with
Kills as well as protects against flea eggs as well as flea larvae
24/7 flea as well as tick control

Q: Exactly how do I use flea and also tick collars?

A: Place collar around family pet’s neck, change for fit, and buckle in place. The collar should be put on freely to allow for development of the pet and to allow the collar to move about the neck. However, the collar must not be so loosened that it can be attacked or chewed by the animal wearing it. Leave 2-3 inches for added change. Cut off and deal with excess size. Laundry hands after placing collar on pet.

Q: Do I have to stretch the collar before placing it on my family pet?

A: Some collars require that you stretch the collar to turn on the pesticide generator. Constantly check out the guidelines before making use of. Collars tend to fit bigger pets, and also the extra must be trimmed to match your pet dog’s size. Think about leaving 1-3 inches added to enable some growth of your pet if it is not currently full size.

A Smarter Way to Safeguard Your Family pets

Step 1:
Protect your pet from fleas as well as ticks with one of our Adams shampoos, pet sprays, or topicals.

Step 2:
Secure your residence from fleas that can be hiding in your rug, couch, or pet dog bed linen with one of our Adams Flea and Tick Home or Carpeting Sprays.

Step 3:
Protect your yard from fleas as well as ticks that could be staying in your lawn or shrubs with our Adams Yard and Yard spray.