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This is a method of eliminating ticks and fleas completely. Each Shoo Tag For Dogs features an electromagnetic strip specifically for the dog and the pest you want to discourage. It helps to protect the dog from fleas and ticks. This product works by creating different frequencies. Science shows that each insect and pests react to different frequencies in nature. Each electromagnet is set with frequencies that the type of pest you want to discourage doesn’t like.

Obug Zone Dog Tick Barrier Tag Single Pack

This is a very nice alternative to the toxic tropic applications. It is a revolutionary, nontoxic tag that uses electromagnet to furthermore discourage fleas and ticks infestation. It has a ring that furthermore you will use to attach one or more tags to the dog collar. However, furthermore you can place the tag in whatever way that seems convenient with you. But ensure the dog doesn’t chew or destroy it.

0Bug!Zone 852968003520 Flea And Tick Repelling Barrier Tag Bag

This is a chemical free and an ecological friendly mechanism of getting rid of fleas and ticks. The package comes with furthermore one free tick repelling barrier tag with a bag which you can use to attach to the collar of your dog. It is available in more than 5 colors for furthermore you to choose from. You can purchase the shoo tag at only $20.94 on leading stores.

0Bug!Zone Flea and Tick Barrier Tag for Dogs, 2 Tags

You can use these product as an alternative to the chemical methods. It will be convenient to get rid of all fleas and ticks from your pet. The odorless Shoo Tag For Dogs are furthermore the best for some people as they do not give the pet an unpleasant smell. It comes with a magnetic strip which uses a 3D electromagnetic regularity for keeping pests away.