REPELZ Natural Flea & Tick Tag for Dogs & Cats – Safe for Pets & People – Lifetime Platinum Protection

  • 😺ALL Normal – REPELZ Tag normally and comprehensively repulses insects, ticks and outside parasites from going after your pet to forestall pervasions. REPELZ is made of Zamak and is alright for pets and individuals.
  • 🐶Innovation MEETS NATURE – REPELZ electromagnetic accuse synchronizes of your pet’s normal heart electromagnetic recurrence to make scalar waves and structure a bio-resounding field that safeguards your pet.
  • 😺Initiation – 7 to 30 days, contingent upon your pet’s age, action level, pulse, insusceptible framework, and by and large wellbeing. The Label’s protected scalar wave innovation is logically tried and confided in by animal people around the world.
  • 🐶Extraordinary Worth – REPELZ incorporates a 10-year substitution guarantee and gives a minimal expense all-regular answer for insect and tick control, costing under $2.00/month. Pesticide choices cost $5-$15/month and require successive substitution or applications.
  • 😺LIFETIME Insurance, Ensured – REPELZ Platinum Tag guarantees security from bug and tick invasions for the existence of the pet and incorporates a 10-year substitution guarantee against material imperfections or pervasion counteraction disappointments.
  • 🐶Usability – Join to your pet’s choker and Don’t eliminate. No upkeep required. The tag is waterproof and not impacted by climate. The covering might wear however execution won’t be impacted as the charge is all through the whole tag.
  • ⚠️Cautioning – Pets should be liberated from invasions, including eliminating eggs, hatchlings, pupae, and grown-ups preceding actuation. Treat pets while introducing REPELZ. Pets with serious medical issue might neglect to synchronize with the tag.
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