TickEase Tick Remover


  • TickEase is the only dual-sided tick-removal device that allows you to remove ticks from people, dogs, cats and all other pets with just one tool.
  • The fine-tipped, pointy design, was made specifically for the effective removal of engorged ticks. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of fine-tipped or pointy tweezers for the proper removal of ticks for humans.
  • The slotted scoop is designed to quickly and easily remove engorged ticks from your pets and other animals. Simply place it against the skin, slide under the tick, and lift with steady even pressure.
  • Stainless steel tweezers safely remove ticks of all sizes, types, and levels of engorgement.

Shoo Fly Mosquito Control – Product Description

TickEase tweezers, with their fine-tipped, sharp design, were made specifically for the efficient removal of engorged ticks! The Center for Illness Control (CDC) and the Tick Encounter Research Center (TERC) at the College of Rhode Island both suggest the use of “fine-tipped” or “pointy” tweezers for the appropriate as well as efficient elimination of ticks for people.

The fact is that typical house tweezers are made for the removal of bits. They are no more appropriate for eliminating ticks from your skin compared to are fine-tipped TickEase tweezers for eliminating bits.

Actually, utilizing house tweezers to remove an engorged tick boosts the chances of tearing the tick, which simply aggravates the issue. And also they are certainly not effective for removing small nymph-stage ticks.

Trigger as well as finish removal of engorged ticks is essential to staying clear of tick-borne diseases. Just TickEase tweezers were created for the job!

Thin-Tipped Tweezers On People
Hold the tick as near to the skin’s surface area as feasible.
Draw up with a stable, even stress. Never twist or snag the tick out.
After removing the tick, extensively clean the bite area and your hands with scrubing alcohol, an iodine scrub or soap and water.

Slotted Inside Story on Pet Dogs
Area the slotted scoop against the skin.
Move the scoop under the tick’s mouth parts and as far back as possible.
Tear or lift the tick very carefully from the skin with steady, also pressure.
After getting rid of the tick, extensively clean the bite are and your hands with rubbing alchol, an iodine scrub or soap as well as water.
Provide your pet a treat!

Think About Tick Testing
Location the eliminated tick in a plastic bag.
Note on the bag the date of elimination and also area tick came from.
Send to a tick testing facility

TickEase Objective
The mission of TickEase is to offer safe as well as reliable tools for eliminating and repelling ticks, facilitating tick testing and informing the general public for the avoidance of tick-borne health problems like Lyme disease.

TickEase is a proud favored avoidance companion of the College of Rhode Island’s TickEncounter Source Facility. TickEase’s designer Dan Wolff additionally started Mass Deer Solution, a suv deer management program working closely with locals in the MetroWest area of Boston to manage deer populations as well as help reduce the danger of exposure to tick-borne diseases.