Bamboo Groom Comb For Pets


  • Bamboo construction; handcrafted and then polished with a natural oil to ensure a smooth, water resistant finish
  • Features two rubber thumb supports; Ergonomic handle
  • 77 rotating pins
  • Suitable for pets of all sizes
  • Measures 2.125″ wide x 8.25″ tall

Shoo Tick Tag – Product Description

Our Flea Comb is designed to raise as well as separate all types of hair and coats, to ensure that fleas and their eggs can be found and also eliminated. This comb can be utilized to distribute flea powder as well as sprays evenly throughout the layer. It could additionally be made use of for penalty, comprehensive brushing around sensitive locations like eyes, ears as well as noses. Our grooming devices are made to simulate an all-natural petting sensation, so your pet will feel comfortable and also liked throughout their grooming regular.

Mild on the Planet & On Your Family pets
Brushing Devices Made From Bamboo
Our brand-new collection of brushing devices are made to profit animals, family pet parents as well as the atmosphere. Bamboo Groom offers 9 various types of brushing devices including combs, brushes and also rakes.

Bamboo Building for Longevity
Comfy on Different Coat Types & Lengths
Preferred by Pet Grooming Professionals
Perfect for Pet Dog Parents & In-Home Use
Great for Pet & Feline Hair
Complete satisfaction Ensured

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Combo Brushes
Rotating Pin Combs
Flea & Penalty Pet Grooming Comb
Curry Brush with Rubber Bristles
Hand Brush with Boar Bristles
Dematting Rakes

Renewable Resource
Bamboo is 100% all-natural and also eco-friendly! It is the world’s most abundant as well as renewable resource.

Beautiful & Strong
Bamboo is also unbelievably strong! Frequently used to construct furnishings, flooring and also fence, bamboo is durable and also lovely.

Comfortable to Hold
Our grooming tools provide ergonomic takes care of as well as supported grip assistance pads to assist reduce the pain regular pet grooming could trigger to your hands, wrists as well as fingers.

Thoroughly Made manually
We take wonderful satisfaction in the premium quality of our grooming devices. Every one is carefully made manually to make certain that your pet dog has pleasurable brushing experiences.