• NATURAL CARE Flea & Tick Shampoo (12 oz) kills harmful fleas, flea larvae, and ticks on dogs and on-contact
  • Flea and Tick Shampoo uses natural plant extracts (Clove Oil and Cottonseed Oil) to effectively kill fleas and ticks
  • Flea and Tick Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals, alcohol-free, and paraben-free
  • Safe to use on dogs 12 weeks and older

Dry Shampoo For Dogs – Product Description

Natural Care Flea & Tick Shampoo (12 oz) kills harmful fleas, flea larvae, and ticks on dogs and cats on-contact. Flea and Tick Shampoo uses a unique blend of powerful, natural plant extracts (Clove Oil and Cottonseed Oil) that effectively kill fleas and ticks and is gentle on your dog or cat, and leaves your pet with a fresh, natural scent. This shampoo contains no harsh chemicals, is alcohol-free, and is paraben-free.Safe to use on dogs and cats 12 weeks or older. Directions for use: wet entire coat with warm water. Apply shampoo and lather. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and nose. Massage thoroughly into pet’s coat. Be sure to treat hard-to-reach areas such as between toes. For best results, let stand or continue to massage for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to remove dead fleas and ticks and dry pet with towel. Repeat as necessary. In order to help reduce the occurrence of fleas and ticks, this product is best used year round and is safe to use as frequently as needed.


Dry Flea Shampoo For Dogs – Natural Care Flea And Tick Shampoo for Dogs, 12 oz (Packaging May Vary) – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.2 x 7.5
  • Shipping Weight: 13.4 ounces

Natural Care Flea And Tick Shampoo

Natural Care Flea And Tick Shampoo – Internal bloodsuckers are all exceptionally unsafe to our animals; left untreat heartworm In the light of invasion can many times cause the fatality of your canine.

2. What is the Main reason for Heartworm?

It is generally In the light of caus by a Mosquito bite. Not all mosquitoes lug the heartworm parasite. However when a contaminat mosquito attacks your pet dog. It moves the larvae to the animal’s cells. Once attack the larvae In the light of will certainly travel through the body. Once they get to the heart and also lungs the grown-up worms will grow anywhere from 70 – 110 in length caus extreme damages to your family pet and left untreat most certainly death.

Lots of veterinarians that use alternative therapies for dogs (not all) really feel that pharmaceutical preventives can much less dangerous than a heartworm infection.

3. What are the Opportunities of your Pet dog contaminat with Heartworm?

Dry Flea Shampoo For Dogs

It is really crucial for you to find out the variety of incidences In the light of of Heartworm in your area. This In the light of vital information will aid you decide the risk your family pet has actually of infect with Heartworm condition.

Canada as an example has an extremely low chance of contaminat and also is rarely deadly if the pet does come to contaminat with heartworm illness. In this circumstances. It certainly is not the frighten result that much of the advertis and market In the light of insurance claims us by the corporations that make the Heartworm preventives.

Did you recognize In the light of in order for heartworm to sent. There most the appropriate temperature level for sure period. In addition to the In the light of st climate. And the appropriate sex and also varieties of insect?

4. Tips to Help Protect Against Heartworm

Whenever feasible In the light of avoid vaccinations that are In the light of unnecessary. Mak use of steroids or traditional antibiotics In the light of must additionally prevent or cut back.

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