TevraPet Activate II Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, 12 Months Prevention, 2 Count, One Size Fits All

  • A year Strong Insurance: Enact II Bug Choker for Canines gives up to twelve a year of insect and tick counteraction for canines that kills bugs, bug eggs, ticks, biting lice, and repulses mosquitoes and other gnawing flies for up to six (6) months with each restraint. Two (2) collars are remembered for each bundle
  • Effective WITH NO Gnawing REQUIRED: Actuate II Bug Collar Repulses and KILLS insects and ticks on contact, without your shaggy companion waiting be presented to nibbles. Other oral bug medications, pills, and bites expect that your pet is nibbled by a vermin before the medication can work, presenting your canine to potential insect borne sicknesses like Lyme infection
  • VET Endorsed, WATERPROOF Recipe: Actuate II Bug Choker for Canines is completely waterproof and uses the protected and viable dynamic fixings Deltamethrin and Pyriproxyfen. Initiate II for Canines begins to kill bugs and ticks in somewhere around 24 hours, and quickly starts repulsing mosquitoes and other gnawing flies. Each canine merits the best insurance – Enact II assists you with giving veterinarian level of care at a reasonable and fair cost.
  • NO Wreck TREATMENT AND CONTROL: The Enact II Insect and Tick Choker for Canines is wreck and smell free, and starts killing bugs and ticks, and repulsing mosquitoes in no less than 24 hours, and repulses gnawing nuisances to keep your canine pervasion free
  • Gladly MADE IN AMERICA, Fulfillment Ensured: Each Enact II Bug Restraint for Canines is gladly made in Texas, thoroughly tried and reviewed for quality, and supported by the TevraPet ensure. On the off chance that you are unsatisfied under any condition reach us for a full discount in the span of 1 year of procurement
  • INDOOR AND Open air Use: Use persistently to safeguard your pet more than a year regardless of whether your fuzzy friend loves to be outside on a path or inside hanging out on the couch