Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs and Puppies – 26″ Neck, 7 Month Protection

  • New scented
  • Kills and repulses bugs and ticks for a considerable length of time. Can be worn at the same time with your canine’s standard choker
  • Water-safe plan won’t cause loss of viability on the off chance that your lively little guy goes for a walk in the downpour
  • Fits canines with necks that action up to 26 inches
  • For use on grown-up canines and pups 12 weeks old enough and more seasoned

Tell troublesome parasites to ‘mess with off’ with the Hartz UltraGuard Insect and Tick Restraint for Canines and Young doggies. This new scented collar kills and repulses bugs and ticks on little guys with necks up to 26 creeps for 7 ceaseless months. The water safe plan stays powerful even after recess in the downpour. For constant insect and tick assurance from head to tail, supplant the collar at regular intervals. Bearings: Eliminate collar from bundle, unroll and stretch to actuate insect spray generator. Try not to use on little dogs under about a month and a half old enough. Try not to unroll collar until prepared to utilize. Place the choker around the canine’s neck, adapt to legitimate fit and lock set up. The choker should be worn freely to take into consideration development of the canine and to allow the restraint to move about the neck. By and large, an appropriately fitted choker is one that, when secured, will cozily slide over the canine’s head. Leave 2 or 3 crawls on the collar for additional change and cut off and discard the additional length. Counsel a veterinarian prior to utilizing this item on weakened, matured or cured pets. Responsiveness might happen subsequent to involving any pesticide item for pets. A few creatures might become disturbed by the collar on the off chance that it is applied too firmly. Assuming this happens, slacken the collar. In the event that bothering proceeds, eliminate the choker and wash your canine with gentle cleanser and flush with huge measure of water. On the off chance that signs proceed, counsel a veterinarian right away. Try not to utilize this item on canines at the same time or in the span of 30 days prior or after treatment of other bug and tick items. Be that as it may, insect and tick collars might be supplanted right away.