Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs – Flea Collar – 2 Count

  • Smart solution for pet owners If you’re fed up of paying a lot for expensive, ineffective flea or tick treatments that never provide the desired outcomes, or you need to ensure that your pet gets the most effective care, ZAFELOUS dog flea and tick control is the best solution for responsible pet owners!
  • Safety First The collar we offer for your flea is constructed using top high-quality, carefully selected ingredients that have been thoroughly tested to avoid unpleasant side effects, itching or redness.
  • Protective for Long-Lasting Time: The long-lasting flea or tick collar made for pets comes with an innovative slow-release method of powerful active ingredients, ensuring long-lasting constant protection, regardless of the weather or environment.
  • Improved Efficacy Increased Efficiency: The ZAFELOUS Dog flea collar comes with an enhanced formula that works against a range of fleas, ticks, and eggs. In contrast to similar products on market, this one works by stopping ticks from biting and not killing it following a bite which results in a greater security for your pet!
  • Adjustable length The flea and tick control can be used on dogs and dogs of different breeds and sizes that range from small to medium, or large. The length adjuster is simple to cut to the desired size for an ideal and light-weight size!