Amazon Basics Flea and Tick Topical Treatment for Small Dogs (5-22 pounds), 3 Count (Previously Solimo)

  • Same item, new look – This item is indistinguishable in assembling and detailing as the Solimo brand
  • One 3 portion pack of Amazon Rudiments Bug and Tick Treatment for Canines, Little (5-22 lbs), 3 Count (Beforehand Solimo)
  • Amazon Nuts and bolts Insect and Tick begins taking out bugs and ticks in no less than 24 hours of treatment
  • Dynamic fixings Fipronil and (s)- methoprene forestall insect invasions by killing bug eggs, bug hatchlings, mosquitos, gnawing flies and biting lice
  • One application gives as long as 30 days of insurance
  • Waterproof: 24 hours after applicaiton your pet’s treatment is safeguarded against downpour and water exercises
  • Bundling got may change: you might get item in Solimo or Amazon Nuts and bolts Bundling
  • Amazon Rudiments Bug and Tick Effective doesn’t lapse
  • Fulfillment Assurance: We’re pleased with our items. On the off chance that you’re not fulfilled, we’ll discount you under any condition in something like an extended time of procurement. 1-877-485-0385

Amazon Nuts and bolts bug and tick effective for Canines kills insects, bug eggs, bug hatchlings, ticks and biting lice. The effective, dependable treatment is planned to safeguard your canine against hazardous bugs. It breaks the insect life cycle by killing bug eggs and hatchlings and kills ticks, including deer ticks that might send Lyme infection. For best outcomes, apply once every month to safeguard your canine from insects and ticks.