Advantage Household Fogger | Kills Fleas & Ticks | Flea Fogger for Home | 2 oz. Canisters (Pack of 3)

  • Advantage Family Fogger is a strong home bug and tick treatment that arrives at bothers concealed in places you can’t see
  • This bug fogger for home kills grown-up insects and their eggs and ticks on floor coverings, mats, window hangings and something else for exhaustive nuisance control
  • Dependable bug treatment takes out bothers for a long time
  • Use as a feature of a total canine and feline bug and tick treatment program – eliminating vermin on your pets and in your home and yard with Benefit items
  • The bundle incorporates three (3) 2 oz. canisters that can treat various rooms, up to 16 ft. x 16 ft. with a 8 ft. roof or 2,000 cubic ft. of unhindered space

Just 5% of a bug pervasion is seen as on your pet – with the other 95% being tracked down off your pet and in their current circumstance. This can cause bug pervasions to feel difficult to treat. Advantage Family Fogger is a strong answer for dispensing with insects, ticks, cockroaches, kissing bugs, flies and other marked bothers from your home. The recipe is intended to kill grown-up insects and their eggs and ticks – getting them before they grow up to nibble. Utilize this bug fogger to arrive at bugs in floor coverings, mats, wraps, upholstery, pet sheet material, floor airs out and cupboards. It gives durable insect and tick counteraction – killing bugs and ticks for quite a long time, so you and your pets can return to the things you love most.

The Benefit item family assists you with battling bugs thoroughly – killing insects on your pet, in your home and in your yard. To benefit from Benefit Family Fogger, it’s ideal to involve it as a component of a total insect treatment program controlled by Benefit. Treat your canines and felines with skin bug medicines, shampoos or splashes, your home and furniture with spot treatment insect shower or foggers and your yard with Benefit Yard and Reason Shower.

This bundle contains three 2 oz. canisters that are intended for indoor use. Every canister of Benefit Family Fogger is equipped for treating a room up to 16 ft. x 16 ft. with a 8 ft. roof or 2,000 cubic ft. of unhampered space. This implies you can undoubtedly treat different rooms in your home with only one bundle.

It’s critical to take note of that whenever canister is actuated, you shouldn’t stay in the treated region. You ought to abandon the treated house, loft unit or other design right away and not reemerge for no less than two hours. This will guarantee that the fogger has had sufficient opportunity to work, disposing of the designated bothers in general.

Advantage is a brand name of Elanco or its members.