K9 Advantix II Large Dog Vet-Recommended Flea, Tick & Mosquito Treatment & Prevention | Dogs 21-55 lbs. | 2-Mo Supply

  • K9 Advantix II Huge Canine 30-day treatment and anticipation safeguards canines 21-55 lbs. from bugs, ticks, mosquitoes, gnawing flies and lice
  • Kills bugs in the span of 12 hours of use
  • Vet-suggested recipe kills and repulses on contact so bugs don’t need to chomp your canine to pass on
  • Simple to-apply skin treatment is without aroma and waterproof following 24 hours
  • No remedy required

K9 Advantix II Huge Canine is the veterinarian-suggested equation that guards your canine against five vermin: insects, ticks, mosquitoes, gnawing flies and lice. Also, dissimilar to different medicines, K9 Advantix II kills and repulses bugs, ticks and mosquitoes. K9 Advantix II skin treatment gets directly to work killing insects on canines in the span of 12 hours of beginning application. This equation quits existing insect pervasions and forestalls new ones by killing grown-up bugs on contact so they can’t lay eggs and they don’t need to nibble your canine to kick the bucket. Insects, ticks, mosquitoes and different nuisances not just goal distress; they may likewise send illness. Month to month utilization of K9 Advantix II is vital to safeguard your canine against bugs that might cause transmission of tapeworms. This recipe additionally kills bugs which might cause Bug Sensitivity Dermatitis and bug nibble paleness. That is the reason K9 Advantix II Enormous Canine effective, right on target equation simplifies application – happening like a flash. It’s more straightforward than a bug collar and there are no difficult to accept pills. You’ll likewise adore that K9 Advantix II is sans aroma and waterproof following 24 hours of utilization. Check the item mark for data on application and possible secondary effects. K9 Advantix II vermin insurance is viable on both indoor and outside canines. Your canine ought to be somewhere around 7 weeks old and weigh 21-55 lbs. to utilize K9 Advantix II Enormous Canine. For a definitive comfort in care, K9 Advantix II is available without a prescription – no remedy required. What’s more, you can load up with 2-portion, 4-portion and 6-portion packs so you never miss a month to month treatment. When K9 Advantix II is applied, your canine is prepared to return right once again to enormous little guy nestles and hustling around the recreation area. K9 Advantix II Huge Canine is a brand name of Elanco or its subsidiaries.