VETiONX Defendex – All-Natural Flea, Tick, and Mange Shampoo for Dogs and Cats. Homeopathic Pet Shampoo Naturally Washes Away Flea, Tick, Mange and Scabies Infestations. Addresses All Stages of Life Cycle Including Eggs. 1 Bottle


  • Relief from mange and flea symptoms and secondary skin damage
  • Safe – even for young pets, sensitive pets, and for added relief alongside prescription medications
  • Natural homeopathic relief with no pyrethrins, pyrethroids, or harmful chemical pesticides
  • Soothing homeopathics relieve itchiness, redness, soreness, scabbing, inflammation and sensitivity
  • Aromatherapeutic base is naturally fragrant and gentle on skin

Natural Shampoo For Dogs With Fleas – Product Description

You and also your pet dog may be determined for relief, but you don’t wish to turn to rough chemical pesticides typically found in drugstore mange therapies as well as shampoos. These toxins are unsafe to you both, and also researches show more insects are ending up being pesticide-resistant. A complementary, non-pesticide option is feasible.

Defendex is right here to assist you ease mange and flea signs and symptoms as well as calm your pet dog’s scratchy, irritated skin without severe chemicals, chemicals, or the unfavorable adverse effects related to typical treatments.

Defendex is a proprietary natural family pet shampoo that utilizes the alleviating power of active holistic active ingredients and relaxing necessary oils to normally offer symptom relief from skin bloodsucker inflammation. When you use Defendex, your pet’s mange and flea signs and symptoms are quickly targeted with relaxing, safe alleviation. The aromatherapeutic hair shampoo base helps both you as well as your pet dog to continue to be calm while you handle the problem.