Merck And Co Scalibor Protector Band For Dogs One Size Fits All


  • Pet Supplies
  • Kills ticks and fleas on your dog
  • Delivers up to 6 months of protection
  • One size fits all
  • One Size Fits All

Dog Mosquito Repellent Collar – Product Description

Ticks and also fleas aren’t just a hassle, they could bring condition. The Scalibor Guard Band for Dogs is the one dimension fits all collar that secures your dog for approximately 6 months from the bugs that invade their layers as well as your home.The Scalibor Guard Band needs only two applications to be reliable all-year round. It’is water immune, so there’s no should remove it prior to your pet dog swims or strolls in the rain. The collar huges enough to fit also the most significant dogs and can be cut to fit your small pup as well.