Davaon Dog Flea Collars, Flea Collar for Dogs, 2 Pack Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Dogs and Puppies, Adjustable One Size Fits All, Free Comb

  • TREAT NATURE WITH NATURE: Replaces enjoyable insect and tick security and traditional spot drops and collars. Controlled by plants, this bug choker is protected and compelling at repulsing insects and ticks for canines and little dogs north of 4 months. Appreciate effortless inner serenity realizing your pets are secured.
  • Security Starts things out: Our bug restraint for canines gives treatment and anticipation in one stage and gives assurance against future pervasions, stopping the bug conceptive cycle, completely tried to guarantee no dreadful secondary effects, tingling, redness, or distress. Moreover, the canine bug choker has a split away element. The breakpoint configuration can make your pet simple to escape inconvenience.
  • Intensely Viable: Fueled ordinarily and demonstrated to work. Give your canine the greatest benefit in assurance against bugs and ticks with our non-brutal recipe. giving long haul ceaseless security paying little mind to climate or conditions.
  • Movable LENGTH: This tick and bug control is appropriate for Canines of all varieties and sizes, from little, medium or huge. The flexible length configuration is not difficult to slice to wanted size, for an agreeable and lightweight fit!
  • Simple APPLICATION: Our three-step process is basic: 1) Take the bug collar out and isolate it from the draw tab string. 2) Inexactly fit the choker around the canine’s neck, embed the end through the clasp and adapt to fit. 3) Cut off the abundance collar subsequent to fitting, leaving 1-2 creeps for changes.