Coartisans Three Size Tick Remover Tool For Dogs And Humans With Flea Comb | Durable Plastic With Quality Grip | Metal Durable Comb


  • 3 SIZES FIT ALL TICK TYPES – With a mix of 3 different sizes tick removal tools we offer more allowing you to make sure you get the right size for any type of tick
  • BONUS FLEA COMB – Our flea comb is a perfect for dogs, puppies and cats to groom and care for animals making sure to remove fleas and debris from fur and skin. The comb helps detect fleas in early stages and control and remove them and is a top notch dog flea comb.
  • SAFE, EASY AND PAINLESS – Easily removes the tick without having to squeeze it, reducing the risk of infection, and not leaving the mouth portion of the tick in the skin.
  • QUALITY PARTS – Made with durable high quality parts including quality grips and plastics to make sure you can grip the tick with ease.
  • MULTI USE – Can be used for different types of animals including cats and dogs and can also be adapted and used for human tick removal

Best Natural Flea And Tick Prevention For Dogs – Product Description

Super Strong Tick Remover Tool and Flea Comb The Coartisans Tick Remover tool and flea comb is the worlds fastest, safest and easiest tick remover tool with flea comb for dogs and humans alike offering a robust and complete solution to make sure you stay safe and health this tick season.