Bonve Pet Dog Brush – Professional Pet Cat Dog Grooming Brush – Effectively Pet Deshedding Brush – Reduces Shedding Up to 95% Best Dog Hair Brush for Small Large Dogs Cats Pets Long Short Hair


  • REDUCE SHEDDING UP TO 95% – quickly and effectively shedding to get rid of tons of loose hair,dead hair,dirt and dander that deep beneath the bottom the coat. Best for your short-haired pet during the shedding season.
  • SAFE and DURABLE STEEL BRUSH – with enough thickness and harmless teeth,this brush is absolutely safe for your pet’s skin. Made of stainless steel ensure this brush can last for years. And we also give you a 100% money back guarantee,if you are not happy with it, just contact us.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE – Ergonomically designed handle make you feel comfortable and eco-friendly silicone material used on this handle brings you a no-slip and easier holding.
  • 4-inch STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – perfect size for most type of dog from small to large. We believe that our deshedding brush can company your pets grooming a long time. Come on take this brush for your friend.
  • EASY CLEANING DETACHED BLADE – No need to worry about the cleaning. After finishing grooming, just use a cloth and a little brush(or just a teeth brush) can easily clean it. And the blade can be detached and stored expediently.

Dog Safe Insect Repellent – Product Description

10 minutes of brushing twice a week result in a clean house and a shiny look of your pet!

Bonve Pet knows how exhausting it is to fight your dog’s hair everywhere in the house. As everyone you love,

your pet needs care. Brushing is just another piece of it.

Do it regularly, and you’ll have much fewer problems gathering those hairs in your living room or your child’s playroom.

Do it with love and patience, and these short pieces of time will turn into a bonding time for you and your pet.

Do it with Bonve Pet Deshedding Brush, and this process will turn as easy and comfortable as possible!