BEST PET SUPPLIES LLC dog urinary tract support – ADVANCED URINARY TRACT SUPPORT – FOR DOGS – CHEWABLE – POWERFUL DOG FORMULA – Dog Marshmallow – 180 Chews (2 Bottle)


  • URINARY TRACT SUPPORT FOR DOGS: When it comes to dog bladder health, feeding a diet made with the right balance of high-quality nutrients is important. If your loved dog is having problems with there urinary tract, then you have come to the right place for help. Our natural Urinary Tract Support is exactly what you need for your dog to stop problems.
  • URINARY TRACT SOLUTION FOR DOGS: Urinary tract problems are another way we can have empathy for our dogs. They not only show a commonality in health issues between us and our dog, they can also show a commonality in some of the solutions to this. Our supplement is made from some of the best ingredients around to help dogs with urinary tract problems.
  • AMAZING INGREDIENTS FOR DOGS: The irritation and discomfort of a urinary tract problem is very painful and uncomfortable for your dog, as it would be for a human. Our natural supplement is here to save the day for dogs by providing them the correct ingredients like, Corn Silk, Cranberry Powder, Uva Ursi Extract, Red Raspberry and more. The combination of these ingredients are really powerful in helping you dogs urinary problems
  • CRANBERRIES FOR DOGS: Cranberries are a wonderful food with many health benefits including lowering risk of urinary tract problems, improved immune function, decreasing blood pressure and more. The best part about having cranberries in our supplement is that they are natural and do not consist of any bad additives like some other supplements might have.
  • We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of our pet supplement. If for a specific reason you wish to stop using the supplement, we can issue you a refund. Certain conditions apply.

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dog urinary tract support – ADVANCED URINARY TRACT SUPPORT – FOR DOGS – CHEWABLE – POWERFUL DOG FORMULA – dog marshmallow – 180 Chews (2 Bottle)

DOGS UVA URSI SUPPORT: Uva ursi is a pretty amazing herb, especially for dogs who battle frequent urinary tract problems. It’s a natural diuretic known for its ability to support the kidneys. What makes it so good at helping your dog’s urinary tract problems is its high quantity of hydroquinones, which work as compounds against a variety of pathogens.

RASPERRY LEAF FOR DOGS: Raspberry leaf should be one of dogs and humans favorite herbs because of the amazing nutrient profile that it offers. Raspberry leaf is naturally high in vitamins and minerals. This herb can help ease the stresses that a dog can go through with urinary problems. It does this by helping support against discomfort and it can foster overall digestive and reproductive health.

JUNIPER BERRIES FOR DOGS: Junipers are coniferous plants ranging in size from tall trees to low-spreading shrubs. Evergreen junipers have approximately 50-60 species, bearing needle-like leaves and cones with seeds. Juniper berries are excellent for helping your dog with urinary tract problems. Their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties fights back at the problems, while a volatile oil component of the berry helps support the kidneys.

CORN SILK FOR DOGS: Corn silk is a commonly used remedy for human and canine bladder problems. Its first use for helping with urinary problems is traced back to the Incas in Central America. It is a natural diuretic that is effective at soothing inflammation and irritation in the bladder. Corn silk is high in vitamins and minerals for your dog which helps with stopping urinary problems.