0Bug!Zone Flea and Tick Barrier Tag for Dogs, Single Tag

$29.99 $26.99

  • One 0Bug!Zone for fleas and one 0Bug!Zone for ticks included. When using both tags, please cut one tag on the dotted line to allow the magnetic strip on both tags to face your pet.
  • 0Bug!Zone is the ultimate solution for protecting your pets from targeted pests
  • 0Bug!Zone uses no harmful chemicals, is odor-free, waterproof and is safe for pets, people and the Planet
  • 0Bug!Zone is easy to use; simply remove from the packaging and attach to your pets collar with the provided split ring, with the magnetic strip facing your pet.
  • The key to 0Bug!Zone is the three dimensional electromagnetic static field embedded in the magnetic strip

Shoo Tag Dog – Product Description

0Bug!Zone Dog Flea/Tick (Single) is a non-toxic, chemical-free way to protect pets from pests. 0Bug!Zone is the revolutionary, non-toxic tag that uses electromagnetic frequencies to create a protective barrier from pests.