0Bug!Zone 852968003520 Flea And Tick Repelling Barrier Tag Bag for Dogs, One Size


  • Chemical-Free, eco-friendly solution that uses your pet’s kinetic energy to create a barrier that helps protect your pet from targeted insects.
  • No Poisons, Sprays, or Liquids. Creates a natural frequency barrier.
  • Safe for all Weights and Ages.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fits up to 1″ Collar.

Shoo Repellent –  Product Description

0Bug!Zone Flea & Tick Repelling Barrier Tag Bag for Dogs. Comes with one flea repelling barrier tag, and one tick repelling barrier tag, with a tag bag to attach to your pets collar or harness. Comes in 5 Colors: Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow & Camo.